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Welcome to Omu Resort

World of Conservation, Education & Entertainment.

Step into a world of limitless adventure at OMU RESORT, a haven of excitement and wonder that has captivated hearts since 2014. Nestled in a peaceful neighbourhood, the 22 hectares resort is bound to the North by the imposing clear waters of OMU CREEK. Following our first 9 years of blazing the trail, we introduce our new season. We welcome our newest additions of the PENDULUM RIDE, popularly called The Monster; an exhilarating pendulum ride that defies gravity, sending you soaring to new heights and plunging to breath-taking lows.

For those seeking aquatic joy, the Splash Pad beckons. It is a playground for all ages, inviting you to dance among sprays and fountains. Don’t miss the Rainbow Slide, a beautiful combination of hues that promises endless laughter as you descend. Our Electric Scooters and Hoverboards offer a futuristic way to explore the resort’s hidden gems. The Dinosaur Alley awaits, leading visitors to encounter life-sized, animatronic dinosaurs that transport you back in time, igniting wonder and fascination with the prehistoric world. We also offer our newest additions to the animal family – the gentle giraffes and the mighty gorillas. This year’s line-up is so enticing, mouth-watering and priced right!


Dear Customers,

Kindly note that from the 21st of September 2021, we will stop accepting cash payments. Kindly avail yourselves of our other means of payments like online payment or using your ATM card when you come.

For those that insist on cash, we have a cash point facility where you can exchange cash for card payment (charges applicable).

Omu Resort Management


Le Chateau - Guest House

Dear Customers,
We now have our very own hotel, Le Chateau Guest House.
There are two types of rooms in the hotel,

1.    Standard Rooms cost 30k
2.    Deluxe Rooms cost 35k
Please note that the deluxe rooms are more luxurious with
a lot more perks like wine, breakfast for 2.

Le Chateau is now open.

Omu Resort Management

Simba and Kiara Welcomes a Cub

  • Feisty becomes tender as parenthood transforms Simba and Kiara into heart-warming parents. Simba, the one-feisty and dominant male, has blossomed into a tender and devoted father.

    The birth of their new cub has unveiled a side of him that has rarely been witnessed before. His fierce roar has softened into soothing rumbles, as he diligently watches over his growing family. Kiara, the spirited lioness with a fierce independence, has also experienced a beautiful shift.

    Her motherly instincts have awakened, leading her to care for the new cub with an unparalleled tenderness. She guides and protects the little one with unwavering devotion, showcasing a profound connection between them.

    As you explore OMU RESORT and its enchanting zoo, take a moment to witness the incredible bond between Simba, Kiara and their new cub.


Tuesdays - Saturdays

1.00 p.m

3.00 p.m


2.00 p.m

5.00 p.m


1.00 p.m

2.00 p.m

3.00 p.m

5.00 p.m


2.00 p.m

3.00 p.m

5.00 p.m

Omu Resort

your premier family destination resort.

One Location. Multiple Attractions.
Amusement Park Antique Museum Archery David's Sanctuary DDT Paintball Arena Go Karting Horse-Riding Kayaking/Pedalo Kiddies Play Zone Mini Golf Quad Biking Seaworld The Blades Tide's Wet and Wild Wave Pool Wax Museum Zoo Pendulum Swing Water Slide

Omu Resort Food Court
Abule Buka
Chateau De Delice
Mama's Delight

Price Review

Effective September 1st 2023

Please Note: Water Slide, Water Park and Swimming Pool opens from 1p.m to 5 p.m (Tuesdays - Sundays) daily.
Please note that Pools don't function on MONDAYS.


Gold Ticket

Discounts on Online Payment Only

    You Have Access To

      The Zoo | Wax Museum | Mini Golf | Horse Riding | Water Park | Kiddies Play Area | Seaworld | Archery | Amusement Park | Swimming Pool | Out Door Fun | Mech. Bull Riding

    You Do Not Have Access To

    Quad Bike | Kayaking | Paintballing | Waterfront Sitting | Go-Kart | Roller Skating | Finger Foods | Boat Cruise | Branded Gifts | Welcome Fruits/Drinks


Platinum Ticket

Discounts on Online Payment Only

    You Have Access To All




    Quad Bike | Kayaking | Roller Skating |

    You Do Not Have Access To

    Paintballing | Waterfront Sitting | Go-Kart | Finger Foods | Welcome Fruits/Drinks | Branded Gifts | Boat Cruise


Prime Ticket

Discounts on Online Payment Only

    You Have Access To All





    You Do Not Have Access To

    Paintballing | Waterfront Sitting | Finger Foods | Welcome Fruits/Drinks | Branded Gifts | Boat Cruise


Super Prime Ticket

Discounts on Online Payment Only

    You Have Access To




    45 minutes Boat Cruise




  • School Excursion to N5,500
  • Children below 10 yrs will pay N6,000
  • Children have access to everything under the Gold Ticket.

Omu Resort

The World of Conservation, Education and Entertainment.


N5,000.00 / Person for a Shoot Out.

  • Shooters get 15 bullets for each shoot out plus protective clothing/gear
  • NOTE: Guests must pay for any of our entrance tickets to have access to purchase paintball tickets

Our Packages

Our Corkage Fees

Less than 10 People

Pay N 1,500.00

Between 10 - 29 People

Pay N 2,500.00

Between 30 - 50 People

Pay N 5,000.00

Between 51 - 75 People

Pay N 7,500.00

Between 76 - 100 People

Pay N 10,000.00

Between 101 - 125 People

Pay N 12,500.00

Between 126 - 150 People

Pay N 15,000.00

Between 151 - 175 People

Pay N 17,500.00

We Thank You for Your Patronage


Let's Cruise!

a bolder way to getaway

Omu Resort may be best known in tourism circles for its Zoo, Waterpark, Antique Museum and Rides but the Resort also has an exciting Waterfront called the Omu Creek. Break up with your daycation at Omu Resort and set sail on a memory filled cruise around the Creek laced with a sumptuous meal and other side attractions. Our 3 Cruise Boats offer plenty of bolder-than-ever sailings around some of the calmest waters, Lagos has on offer.

Coming Soon | We have PV Mama Oyinbo Full Luxury Yacth with inner bedroom/shower/kitchen - Luxury Seating (20)

MV Olayimika

Come on Board as a Couple, Family, a Group of Friends, Corporate Outings or Charter.

  • Name: MV Olayimika
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Full Capacity: 48 Persons Seating
  • Luxury Capacity: 32 Persons Seating
  • Prices on Inquiry: Available Now

PV Olatunde

Fast and Furious power cruising at its best. Wind in your air and adrenaline rush provided at maximum speeds.

  • Name: PV Olatunde
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Full Capacity: 8 Persons Seating
  • Luxury Capacity: 5 Persons Seating
  • Prices on Inquiry: Available Now

Heading out fron Ajah axis, landmarks on your right side are Lagos Business School, Corona School, Greenspring School, Mayfair Garden, Lakowe Town. Once you pass Elemoro Police Station, slow down and look to your left for a set of blue roof signifying Elemoro Shopping Complex, make a U-turn and enter Bola Tinubu road, along this road look out for sign post to the Resort. Thank you. Omu Resort.

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