Safety at our facility is of the utmost importance and therefore a considerable amount of time and effort is spent on making all visits a safe and fun experience.
Generally, the resort reserves the right to inspect all packages, bags, coolers, and purses prior to and at anytime during your visit.
NO Sharp objects, weapons and illegal substances are allowed into the resort.
Guests under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by an ADULT to access attractions at the resort.


Purchase of our tickets and entry into the facility grants unto the Resort management, the right to film, video, record or photograph guests without any financial consideration or payment. In addition, the resort prohibits the use of any Camera mounted on a car or bike as well as drones and movie trains without the express permission on management.

Users of this attractions MUST wear helmets. A refusal to wear helmets will lead to your prevention from using the attraction(s) without a refund. The helmets are meant to protect out clients from serious head injury and are considered obligatory. Unruly behaviour and foul language will not be tolerated at the attraction(s) and indeed throughout the resort

Users of this part of the resort MUST be wearing appropriate swim wear to be allowed access into the pool. Children using diapers WILL NOT be allowed use of the pool nor will children be allowed into the pool when not properly dressed. Anyone with loose clothing will not be allowed into the pool

NO food and drinks are allowed into the Zoo at Omu resort nor are guests allowed to go beyond the cage barriers and approach the animals. The Resort reserves the right to evict guests (without refund) where the above rules are floated.


The operation of all rides/ attractions on our facility conforms to strict documented procedures and manufacturers guidance. The rides/ attractions/maintenance team have a considerable amount of experience in operating rides and attractions which ensures safe operating standards. All ride operators are over 18 and undergo annual tests. They are also rigorously trained to a high level of competence specifically related to each ride they operate. Ride assistants whose primary role is to assist guest’s embarking/ disembarking from the rides are over 16 years of age and undergo similar structured training to that of operators.

Food outlets/ restaurants operated at the facility are fortified by strict hygiene standards and are regularly inspected by the local Environmental Health Agency. Outlets/ restaurants operated at the facility are fortified by strict hygiene standards and are regularly inspected by the local Environmental Health Agency. We also employ independent food safety auditors who undertake regular food safety/ hygiene inspections to ensure that high standards of food hygiene are observed at times.

Omu resort has a First Aid Centre that is handled by people who are trained as first responders.

Omu Resort has a contingency plan that would be invoked in the event of any emergency situation. The emergency plan covers all foreseeable major incident/ emergency scenarios and has been developed and tested by means of practical exercises over time in conjunction with the local emergency services i.e. fire, ambulance and police.

The site has a dedicated security team which are able to deal with any security issues on site 24 hours per day 7 days per week. The security team pro-actively patrols the resort and deal with any security related matters. They are also trained to deal with any emergency incidents that occur on the site. They are also trained as 1st responders to any fire incident.

Omu Resort


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The World of Conservation, Education and Entertainment.
The world of OMU RESORT is set in a rainforest environment, it allows guests experience and be inspired by the wonders of nature.